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Installation Manuals | Technical & Application Notes

Installation Manuals
Model 311 Installation Manual
BD300 Analog Input Process Meter
BD306 Dual-Input Pump Controller
Model GPIDP-A (4-20 mA only)
Model GPIDP-T (4-20 mA & HART)
Model GPIDP-V (Low Power 1-5 VDC)
HART® Users Manual
Model GPIGP-A (4-20 mA only)
Installation Manual for Hazardous Location Transmitters
Technical Notes
Level Measurement Techniques
Leak Detection Pressure Decay
Pressure Reference Formats
Introduction to Pressure Transducers
Electrical Surges & Protection
An Explanation of Performance Specifications
Shunt Calibration Operation
Calibration or Verification of a GP:50 Pressure Transmitter
Selecting a Differential Pressure Transmitter
Application Notes
Pumping or Lift Station Level Control
Flare Knockout Tank Level Control

Electrical Connector Details

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Glossary of Terms

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