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Donald LessA mere 3 miles upstream of Niagara Falls, lies the little-known town of Grand Island, New York. Approximately 8 miles long and 6 miles across at its widest point, it is the largest of four islands surrounded by the Niagara River. Situated roughly half way between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, NY, it is referred to as “The Island” by locals, and was here, in 1986, where Mr. Donald J. Less, founded  GP:50 NY LTD.

Learn more about GP:50’s history in: “An Interview with Don Less“.

More than 30 years later, GP:50 has evolved into a worldwide supplier of instrumentation grade pressure sensing equipment.

A fully staffed manufacturing facility located near the northern-most part of The Island,
GP:50 provides a wide range of products for a variety of industries:

GP:50 is ISO9001 certified

GP:50 is ISO9001 certified and a leading designer and manufacturer of reliable and accurate pressure sensing equipment with the unique core competency to provide customized specialty pressure sensors in both small and large volumes within relatively short lead times.

Rigorously Tested

All GP:50 pressure sensors are rigorously tested and 
field-proven for their high-reliability within cryogenic, high-temperature, high corrosion, hazardous, full submersion, space rated, and other extreme environments, with new products continuously being developed in response to changing industry and growing customer needs.

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