GP:50 Global Corporate Headquarters

GP:50 Global Corporate Headquarters | Grand Island, New York

GP:50 NY LTD was founded in 1986 in Grand Island, New York, by Mr. Donald J. Less, a mechanical engineer with over 25 years of pressure instrumentation experience. Today, GP:50  is a fully staffed manufacturing facility located in Grand Island, which has evolved into a worldwide supplier of instrumentation grade pressure sensing instrumentation for Aerospace, Automotive Testing, Commercial Aircraft,  Cryogenics, Industrial, Medical Equipment, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, ROV, Subsea, Sanitary, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control, Test & Measurement,  Water & Wastewater, and Laboratory R&D.

Global Corporate Headquarters:
(Industrial, Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas)

2770 Long Road
Grand Island NY 14072
Phone: 716-773-9300
Fax: 716-773-5019

GP:50 pressure sensing instrumentation is also supported by a growing sales and distribution network.  To find your nearest sales representative,  please visit our Sales Network page.

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